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Relay For Life of Second Life 2014

Relay For Life of Second Life (RFL of SL) is an annual activity that takes place in Second Life in July each year. Volunteers form or join teams to have fun while fundraising and raise awareness from mid-March through mid-July. In July teams build campsites and walk a track that spans more than 40 virtual regions.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

First part machinima Waking Up Part 1

By Natalina DeVinna

I would like to say thank you for your support to help us  to create a good looking crowd on a street for our clip:
If I missed your name in the list , please let me know.

This is first part out vitual dance show ;

SLenquirer article : Willowdale High School - An Education Experience -- Amanda432 Cheviot Reporting

Written By
Amanda432 Cheviot
“School + Students = Education” – Rose Kramoloc

When I tell people that I teach high school in Second Life, there is shock and disbelief. The expression says “My goodness, why???” After all, when one thinks of Second Life, there is clubbing, chatting with friends, and exploring. If there is any roleplaying (RP’ing), it is either of the adult variety or something to do with dragons, zombies or vampires. And if there is education, there are building classes and maybe some college classes. High school is another story though. Why high school?.............................

Read the full article on the SLenquirer website at this link

Press Release : Launch of a new group for promising starter models, “A Star Is Born!”

Announcement: Launch of a new group for promising starter models, “A Star Is Born!”

Read the full press release at this link:

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Today I downloaded Firestorm, wearing mesh has no secrets for me anymore :)
skirt: leather pencil skirt black Gizza
jacket: Alys mesh jacket black&white Xanadu
hair: Sooner or later , Vanity hair (coming soon)
bra: Faye, Sensuelle lingerie
skin: Hope pale, LaVie skins
belt: Mandala

outfit-21 Gift

hello my friends

pelu venom male outfit-21 gift

thank you

SLenquirer article: When Battlebots Attack -- Luc Fray Reporting

Written by Luc Fray

Time and time over again, it has been proven that man has always been fascinated with fight games that pit one with another -- from gladiator style arenas to underground fight clubs to animal derbies to modern day boxing. Perhaps it is the thrill of bloodlust, or maybe the morbid fascination of observing one fight for survival, or perhaps just the excitement of tempting the fates and wondering if the gods will favor the one you bet on this time. Whatever it is, people would certainly want to see and experience brutal brawls.

Enter Buildables............

Read the full article on The SLenquirer website at this link

Monday, February 27, 2012

"The Festive Dogwood Dream"

Poem, Music, and Machinima by Karima Hoisan
Art Installation: The Dogwood Arts Festival
by David Denton Architect aka DB Bailey in Second Life
Filmed on Kitely - Virtual Worlds on Demand

GW News article : Exclusive Interview: Thorn Andel – More Roses Than Thorns

DJ Thorn at home (photo by Avacar Bluestar)

Written by Avacar Bluestar

Where were you the first time you heard DJ Thorn work his party magic on you? His events are always very very social, well received and leave you smiling even if you came to a club or show not expecting that outcome. A veteran of several years and has seen many clubs and establishments come and go from Second Life, I had a fun conversation with Thorn recently to talk about the life that was and is. And that is not a dangling proposition.......

Read the full story on GayWorlds News website at this link

pelu venom male outfit-20

New Outfit in South Fashion Sl

posted by pelu venom

Male outfit 20 Casual Forever

New Articles @ The SLENquirer !

10 Ways to Keep Your Relationship Strong -- NemzKat Resident Reporting:

Clash of Realities: A Commentary -- Allen Eppenberger Reporting:

Finding Support In SL -- Crimsoncure Reporting:

Style of Edo founder leaving SL !

hello members of the press,
After consulting some sources that it is public knowledge that Edo is leaving ,he has alerted friends and his staff with this and it is no longer private ,i decided to share Edo's goodbye letter in Press Pass and thank this legend for his wonderful work he has done in the community.
See below for details:

Hi my staffs,
I worked in SL about 5years.
My SL business is big still.And I got award every year.
I was so lucky.
But I havenot aim and I'm tired about SL business so much.
I do not want to waste time in RL.
And I have not failed in business yet. I would like to become a SL legend.
I will leave from SL in April.(I gave SIM of Ekho to Chris already)
I know my staffs are so good persons and good job.
I will not employ you next month. I'm so sorry.
I know this is big news for SL fashion world.
I did not tell this news to many people.
But you can talk it to anyone.
I was not kind to you possibly.
I'm so sorry.And I am thankful to you from the bottom of my heart.
And you gave me good memories.
I will not forget about you in RL.
You were my SL dream. Because all big owners had
many staffs in SL.
Thank you so much!
edo Tone

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Feb. 25-March 11 Spring Fashion 2012 with the first mesh fashion showcase: MIX + MESH by AVENUE Models


AVENUE Models leads the way into Spring Fashion 2012 with the first mesh fashion showcase: MIX + MESH, held Feb. 25-March 11. Celebrate fashion and see the new Spring Collections in this stylish event filled with fashion shows, contests and more. Learn more at

This press release originally from Secondlife website


Avatar Life has it's own logo at last.

Photo by **IS** Photography. I love it.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mr. Mills, BOSL CEO, Raises Funds for Autism Charity

Did you ever wonder what Mr. Frolic Mills, BOSL CEO, would look like if he were female? Today we found out at the Grand Autism Benefit where he raised a significant amount of money for the cause in short time.
Autism Auction
(Frolic Mills, as the female av he modeled for the event)
For more photos and details check here: or direct link here: Here.

Symbol of the Sisterhood Show To Celebrate International Womens Day Thru March

To celebrate IWD 2012 (International Womens Day) Future Femdom will host a special art exhibit entitled Symbol of the Sisterhood throughout March. This show features interpretations of the Femstar symbol. There are 12 pieces, also relating to each of the 12 months in the 'Year Of Love'
Also there will be new jewelry designed by SL artist Lisa Lowe.
TP to the Symbol of the Sisterhood Show
Symbol of the Sisterhood Show SITE
NOTE: Future Femdom is a strict matriarchal sim within Second Life. Its best to check the sim's rules at entryway.

La Mode Model Graduation

                                                            BURLESQUE THEME

                Akasha Sternberg. Lantern31 Resident. 
                     and KarmenDesire Resident

Akasha is presenting an Avant Garde side of Burlesque, with |ALEIDA| couture skin 2,  Tied up in her *RD*Black and White Burlesque Costume her + ezura+ Lace Ankle Boots and wearing Vanity Hair Tootsie in minuit,

Lantern 31 shows off In  a beautiful lingerie outfit, Mardi Gras Burlesque Showgirl by AliciaKay Kilara matched with the Naomi Tan skintone from ME.

Karmen is wearing an amazing creation by Boudoir called Find Another Fool. It's a deconstructed beaded ensemble featuring officer-style epaulets and lace bra and panties with a burlesque black satin skirt.

These ladies passed with flying colors. nice work and a beautiful presentation.


The Immortal Buccaneers beat out the Patriots last night for their spot in the Superbowl. I made a short video of the winning touchdown. The Second Football League is in their 2nd year and going strong. There is still time to catch the remaining games this season and tickets are for sale in the marketplace.

I made this vid for my good friend Kathy Nikolaidis who is a cheerleader for the Buccaneers. She told me that I got to go to the Superbowl with the BOSL Browns last year and this year it's her turn... Congrats to the Buccaneers and good luck!

Akasha Sternberg Model Graduation

From Akasha Sternberg

Yep, that´s right!

I graduated from LaMode Model School this January but as I have been the only student they put me in the February Graduation Show^^

When: 25th Feb at 6 A.M  SLT (yes SIX A.M)

What: 2 Burlesque outfits ;)

I hope to see one or the other ;)

I´m so excited ;)


Friday, February 24, 2012

PHIL COLLINS in concert ! FRIDAY 24th at 3 pm !

REDGRAVE and MIMI'S CHOICE, proudly present :

Friday 24th at 3 pm slt

Don't miss this !! Be on time !

Mimi Juneau
direct TP to the concert:

**IS** Photography

For really amazing photos......... I'm waiting on mine now.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Avatar Life Facebook Page

Avatar Life now has it's own Facebook page check out the link.  :)

Zindra Expo group: Get To Know You Meeting and Zindra Tour! SAT FEB 25 at 11AM SLT

SAT FEB 25 at 11AM
More networking with the new Zindra Expo group! We are bringing communities, businesses and people together!

1. More Get-To-Know-You time
2. presentation abt Zindra Tours
3. GFAC update
4. YOUR ideas

the meeting will end with a fun (and fast!) Zindra Tour...don't miss it!
Contact Ginette Pinazzo for details and/or join Zindra Expo group for more info!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Avatar Life is growing!

My site Avatar Life now has twenty members. including me of course but it's great to see more people joining and contributing. making the site has been a wonderful experience for me and I hope that everyone is having fun with it. 

Spotlight featured articles this week so far @ The SLENquirer & Press Pass!

Several articles featuring huge events and clients this week SO FAR at The SLENquirer, including clientKay Fairey, Ginette Pinazzo and much much more
See links below to read them! TY :)
More to come ofcourse stay tuned here or at The SLENquirer

Spotlight Feature: “A Star is Born” – Experience for Beginner Models -NemzKat Resident Reporting... (story of the renowned model,executive Kay Fairey)

Proposers Expo -- Pandora Drezelan Reporting

Lights, Camera, The New Yorker! -- Coco Lierfatte Reporting

Ginette Pinazzo's Future Femdom™

Stories from the SL Dating-Relationship Trenches -- Shon Charisma Reporting

SLEN / Press PassTeam

Proposers Expo -- Pandora Drezelan Reporting

Poses and animations play a very big part in our Second Life, from the AO’s we use to our every day poses. There is an animation and a pose for just about everything in Second Life. Poses depict our stance, walk, style and makes us as individual or unusual as we want our avatar to be.
Recently, I went to the Proposers sim for their fundraising expo for The Autism Society Of America (ASA).
I spoke with Pollux Baxton (Proposers owner) and Samara Pennell (Proposers manager) in regards to the expo.

You can read more of Pandora's talk with Pollux and Samara at The Second Life Enquirer.

Lights, Camera, The New Yorker! -- Coco Lierfatte Reporting

A new hit reality TV show is about to hit the grid. This show is going to be a blast, I got to sit down with the creator of the newest game show The New Yorker [SLURL]-- PainKiller Andi [Facebook / Twitter] -- and get the inside scoop.

Read Coco's interview with the creator of The New Yorker at The SL Enquirer.

Train Ride Down With Tukso (Revised)

 If you follow my blog at all, then this won't be the first time you hear me speak of Tukso Okey, who still remains, for me, the best and most exciting live musician in Second Life.
Actions speak louder than words, and ever since I wrote this poem almost two years ago, I had in the back of my mind, to do a video of it. Well it took this long to gain enough skills, to be able to do him and the poem justice, but I think the time has come, to show you in words, and moving imagery accompanied by him doing his classic hit "Red Hot Poppa" just why we are all hopping on his train, sometimes even three times a day, to be carried away on his music, his funky and versatile style, that never fails to surprise and delight. Tukso is something special among the many talented SL live musicians. His fan base is large, and I project will reach 1000 in  2012. We are not only a large group, but we have formed a family around his music, his charisma, how he makes us feel part of his music, when we listen to him playing his many instruments that he lays down. There is absolutely no doubt who is driving the train, and we are swept along as his lucky passengers These are not back tracks, pre-recorded.  These are tracks Tukso lays down as we slowly move "out of the station on his own track" and that is why it is the metaphor for my poem and this video. I want to thank so many people who believed in it, in this project, and helped me see it realized.  Thank you loyal family members: Kiki Reiko, Shepp Gilbraith, Kyoko Sabahi, Shesa Quandry, my SL Sister Maria Vought, Wynn Wrentling, Dharma Titanium, owner of The Alexander Theater, where the Live Show shots were filmed, and all family members who encouraged me along the way. I also want to give a special thank- you, to a fellow Machinima Artist Guild member, who is a moderator and one I look up to for her experience, and her generous sharing of it with those of us less adept, Natascha Randt.
Last, but certainly not least, I give a special thanks to Tukso Okey and his manager Padula Bing, for allowing me to use this song, in my video, and for also believing in my work and me.
This is a passion, and a labor of love. I hope you can feel that, and let's make no excuses, or water it down, Tukso's music is sensual, alluring, sexy and revolutionary. There is no getting around that. Those of us who dance to his beat, who wait to catch "the next one" know how very true that is. If you haven't felt that experience yet, well look him up and hop on soon.
This video was shot in HD widescreen.
I proudly present to you "Train Ride Down With Tukso"
"All aboard!"* Here are some Links to Tukso Okey, his blogs and music just to “Spread da Word”

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Feature Article: Ginette Pinazzo's Future Femdom™

One of the greatest questions of the 20th century is “Who is Kaiser Soze?” One of

the greatest questions of the 21st century is “Who is Ginette Pinazzo?” This is not

to say that Ginette Pinazzo is a killer and should be feared by the masses! Ginette,

or Gina, is far from a killer and is a genuine passionate soul. The one thing she is

passionate about is women, specifically female empowerment. Like Kaiser Soze, she

is a name you hear so much about. Both names carry this sense of reverence. So to

understand who Gina is, I thought it was best to go to the beginning, and that would

be Future Femdom ™.

To read the rest of the article, please click on this link to go to The SLENquirer

Introducing....BeyAnna Job Agency!

BeyAnna Job Agency is owned by NemzKat Resident and Beyonce Linette. It's made for employee's to tell about jobs they are looking for so employers can find the perfect employee. Also, so employees can find the perfect employer. Most Job Agency's don't care about their clients but we are different. If we find a match you might send and IM/Notecard telling our clients. There is a by-weekly fee for all of our clients, and we will be strict on clients paying it on time. In the future, as we expand, we will have a group and LM for our customers to join and have.

The link to our page:

Contact: IM NemzKat Resident or Beyonce Linette or send an email to to get started or for more information.

Our hopes are for our clients to be successful in finding their needs! Good luck to all :)

Storm Coming On: Lisa Cuthbert in Second Life

With an affecting voice reminiscent of Sarah McLachlan and songs full of dramatic, emotional melodies, Dublin born singer-songwriter and pianist Lisa Cuthbert makes her inworld debut this weekend for a pair of shows at Idle Rogue and The Source:


Saturday, 25 February 2012
1 a.m. SLT
secondlife://Idle Rogue/128/128/0

Sunday, 26 February 2012 
1 p.m. SLT

Described by Hot Press Magazine as, “a darker Tori Amos”, Cuthbert stirs up a dark, dramatic mix of piano-based sounds with underlying prog, jazz, and folk influences, and her deftly layered harmonies draw the listener into dizzying swirls of mood and reverie. Her debut album Obstacles has received excellent reviews worldwide but Lisa's strength undoubtedly lies in her captivating live performances, which have been praised by fans as "mesmerizing" and "magical".  

Arguably best known for her work with Anathema-related projects Antimatter and Ion, Lisa’s solo shows have enchanted audiences throughout Europe and the United Kingdom. A consummate performer, she tours frequently and has previously supported UK prog gods Marillion, Dutch chart topper Anneke van Giersbergen, David Eugene Edwards’ acclaimed alt-Americana band Wovenhand, and Kris Force’s dark neoclassical project Amber Asylum.

For more information please contact: factoryworkermusic [at] gmail [dot] com, or visit: or

“The haunting 'Cherry Blossom', the bouncy 'My Material Girl' and the dramatic 'Storm Coming On' is the best quarter of an hour of music I've heard all year.” -

“Lisa’s lyrics and arrangements display an intelligence far beyond her years” - Everyone Deserves Music

“The greatest strength of the album is Lisa’s wonderful varied vocal range. She holds your attention through the delicate track ‘Second Leaving’ but can really belt out the lyrics during songs like ‘My Material Girl’.” - 2UIBestow

“Cuthbert obviously owes something to Dolores O’Riordan and company, but her music definitely stands on its own as both novel and emotionally engaging.” - Cluas

“Ihre Musik ist melodramatisch und einfach wundersch√∂n!” - Tom Kolbe, King.FM Berlin

Monday, February 20, 2012


How it began....
Map of December 2002
Hang it above your bed, mirrors don't work in SL anyway :)


Stories from the SL Dating-Relationship Trenches -- Shon Charisma Reporting

In Second Life, we can do practically anything, and most of the things we finally settle down to do in earnest are the same things we do in our real space. We work to get the body we want. We buy clothes and accessories that make us look good (relatively speaking, that is). We purchase homes. And while we're in the midst of "getting ourselves together" here on the grid, we also find love, build relationships, get married, have kids, develop a family. I might be one of the very few who never thought about having a relationship in-world. I have children and grandchildren--am even a godmother to a few, but never thought about finding a mate...for what?

And then I met someone who actually made me want to chunk a part of my day just to dedicate to her, and I then, like a million-watt light bulb going off in my mind, realized that it's not that surprising we'd want to connect with others in-world in deep ways: to date, get to learn about others, to make connections that have you wanting to build a relationship with just one person. get to that "building a relationship" stage, most SL citizens date, and it's that SL Dating Pool where you can run into the right one, the wrong one, the crazy one, and the ones in between. I talked with a few SL citizens about the good, bad, and the ugly of SL dating and not only got good stories, but good advice for those jumping into the grid and looking for L-O-V-E.

I asked a few SL citizens to share with me an SL dating/relationship story, good or bad, and offer some sort of advice to others jumping into the dating pool. 

You can read the rest of the article at SL Enquirer right now...

Press Release: New Advisors To LEA: Linden Endowment of the Arts Grows With New Staff


The Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA) has appointed a series of four new advisors to assist in management, direction and project creation for its ongoing effort to foster awareness of artists’ contributions to the virtual world and encourage a greater, more dynamic arts community.
Amie Collingwood, Ginette Pinazzo, Kev Sweetwater and Rowan Derryth have joined the LEA team as part of a new initiative to include new perspectives and implement new concepts that further the Endowment's mission.

LEA is a collaborative venture between Linden Lab and the arts community, guided by a dedicated board of renowned Second Life artists. LEA is committed to empowering all aspects of the arts community in Second Life, through its exhibitions, programs, and events. The Linden Endowment for the Arts works to improve communication within the arts community, and increase awareness of that community to the greater population. Galleries, community organisations, curators, arts patrons and artists themselves, continue to benefit from many of the LEA's outreach endeavors.

The LEA's four new advisors:
Amie Collingwood is an accomplished large-scale exhibition producer and philanthropic gallery curator, with expertise in leadership development, and a strong believer in support and patronage of artists and the creative process. Amie\'s passion for the arts and her experience with positive movements translate into a meaningful match for the LEA mission.

Ginette Pinazzo is a facilitator for some of SL's more vibrant organizations, producing large events and new programs for Adult SL, providing guidance for key marketing measures, creating foundational institutions that benefit various Women\'s organizations throughout SL, and working to attract and retain more creative content-producers to the virtual world experience. Her leadership philosophy of a loving and caring approach applied to business and community practices allows for a natural fit into LEA.

Kev Sweetwater
is an artist and organiser for such major programs such as BURN and SL8B, and comes to the team with a strong belief in the importance of a leading arts program, " I think the LEA is the forefront of art development and support for the grid and probably all virtual worlds in that they are active in helping and assisting the community as a whole not just a small segment"

Rowan Derryth is an avid writer and curator, indispensable to many levels of the arts community. Whether as a machinima judge or arts blogger for Prim Perfect Blog and Magazines, Rowan brings sharp insight and fresh perspectives to her projects. Her energy and enthusiasm are a wonderful addition to the LEA cause.

Sasun Steinbeck, LEA committee member, "I'm very excited to be expanding the LEA team with our new advisors, they are bringing some great new ideas and new perspectives to our group which is always welcome! I'm looking forward to working with them as they help us bring more LEA projects to life. Congratulations to all of them!"

Zindra Help Vortex: Photo Galleries from Recent from Sexy Sundays Speedbuild Contest

Every Sunday at 8PM SLT, an amazing spectacle unfolds. Artists, builders, and everyone in-between descends upon the Zindra Help Vortex (the LL help center and sandbox on adult mainland) to engage in a friendly competition known as the Sexy Sunday Speedbuild Contest. Managed by artists Huntress Catteneo and Temperance Hax, the Sexy Speedbuild features a new surprise theme each week, so no one knows what to expect! Mentors and Helpers are on hand to assist, so even new residents are welcome. Any skill level may enter the contest.

We have posted some new photo galleries form some of the more recent sessions, including 'On The Road'....'Home'....and 'Baby Its Cold Outside'.
Enjoy the Sexy Speedbuild photos!

Join the Speedbuild!
Teleport to the Zindra help Vortex (the most recent winning build is always on display)

Gay Worlds News Partners with Press Pass Media

Press Release:

Logo of GayWorld News

Effective immediately, Gay Worlds News is partnering with Press Pass Media, a
literal association of member websites covering to Second Life bloggers. We
anticipate this partnership to assist our goals in readership counts and
potential ad buyer networking. ALSO Look for future news on partnering with
other popular blogs.

-Avacar Bluestar

Click this link to read and visit our new media partner! ty Avacar Bluestar, we are honored Gay Worlds News Partners with Press Pass Media

Press Pass Media (est 2010) is owned by The SLENquirer since 2012

Sunday, February 19, 2012

pelu venom male outfit-19

pelu venom outfit male outfit-19 couture champagne

outfit male outfit-19 couture champagne
not err in visual check with a professional link

SL Newser - What Happened to the Valentine's Day "Kiss a Linden" Event?

Every year on Valentine's Day, the Linden Lab team have held their "Kiss a Linden" event in Second Life. For this one day a year, the Isle of View and Isle of ViewTwo sims would be brought online just for this occasion. These were heart-shaped islands with huge candy hearts, heart lollipops, and kissing booths with Lindens and sometimes resident volunteers. The Teen Grid had it's own event, though it was "Hug a Linden."

The event was held every year, at least until now. Read More


in GIZZA...
Alec is wearing the hot mesh Gizza jacket and jeans
I feel wonderful in my red Gizza Lollipop dress..
Shoes: Femme red, N-Core
hair: Miverva, Vanity hair
pose: More, Pics n Poses


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Levity Magazine releases their February issue!!

Levity Magazine releases their February issue!!

Working At Bootgasm

I have always admired in-store models and wanted to try it myself but I did not know how to go about it and after my training with Model Pages International I still wasn't very sure where to start.
I went through search and the classifieds and I saw that Bootgasm were looking for in-store models. I had been to the Bootgasm main store many times in the past, it was one of the first shops I had visited when I came to SL.
I went to Bootgasm's main store and picked up an application and then to a quiet place to go over it, the application seemed easy enough, with basic questions, SL name, rezz date, time spent in SL, etc.
Two photos of my avatar was also a requirement, one head shot and one body shot.
I enclosed one head shot and two full body shots, went back to the store submitted the application and hoped for the best.
I received a reply in just over a week from Tad Nightfire, the owner of Bootgasm regarding my acceptance as a Bootgasm model, so I went to the main store to meet him.
Tad is very nice and gave me my Bootgasm group tag, two pairs of boots to start off with and added me to the work time clock.
I have been working at Bootgasm for over a year now and I love it, I think it's a great place for any new models who want to build their resume and gain some exposure and experience.


Want to keep your skin but change your look? check out Glamorize for hot and affordable make up as well as jewelry. accessories and much more. change your avies look whenever you want. great tattoo layers available.

Friday, February 17, 2012

UWA Machinima Movie Poster Contest: Open to All Artists!


In conjunction with this year's world-famous UWA Machinima Challenge, artists of every medium are invited to participate in an all-new companion event: the UWA Machinima Movie Poster Contest, where works of art will be showcased in a special exhibit that celebrates the rich heritage and imagination of the movie poster!

Who can enter?
Any photographers, graphic artists, painters, or illustrators with a passion for the movies and creative flair for the promotional can enter by creating works that are posters for films submitted into the UWA MachinimUWA V Challenge. And yes, artists who created videos that are submitted into the machinima contest are also permitted to submit posters for their own films!

How to enter:
1. To see the film submissions to date, go to, browse the MachinimUWA V film gallery and choose from any of the submitted videos. Note that this year's film theme is 'Seek Wisdom'. Posters may or may not have anything to do with the theme, but posters should seek to promote the film in question in a way that may encourage more viewers. So, watch the film! Think about great poster ideas!
2. Create posters that are exactly 640x360 in proportion and resolution
3. Contact Ginette Pinazzo within Second Life via IM or Notecard to become registered and arrange for image transfers. Gina will confirm the validity of any submissions and enter you into the official entry list. (Gina is always available for early questions too!)

Deadline for Poster Submissions is June 30, 2012

What Happens Next?
All posters will be displayed in AviewTV's Machinima Gallery in Second LIfe and there will be art openings to coincide. Poster prizes will be awarded at same time as prizes for MachinimUWA V video awards. Details of this process will be made available at later date.

Why Should You Enter?

1. This contest brings artists of many disciplines together, into the machinima field, which is a dynamic and vibrant field of creative expression, and an exciting career path for many
2. Everyone loves movie posters
3. 10,000 Linden cash prize for best poster (other prizes to be announced later)

The UWA Machinima Movie Poster Contest is sponsored by AviewTV

“A Star is Born” – Experience for Beginner Models- Nemzkat Resident Reporting...

The "A Star is Born" group made for models out of school. It is in fact, the only group that helps prepares models for their journey in the fashion world.
The group is not an agency but a way for models to have experience before their first job. They will be able to walk in shows and put that on their resume as experience. Please note: this is NOT an agency or school, but just a way to get job experience.  This group is also not to teach models the ABCs of runaway walking. However, models will be taught on-the-job training skills they will need to succeed.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Spotlight on Seagull Island Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

Second Life© is an amazing place. It allows for connections that may not have been made otherwise. One of the reasons Second Life draws me back after so many years is the many people I encounter and the creative minds that contribute to this pixel world.
Hidden amongst the chain of islands that speckle the grid is a place called Seagull Island. Inspired by the beauty of nature and the serenity of a peaceful retreat, Angel Baxter and Balthasar Trebuchet together create an escape and a green landscape with hidden treasures for all to explore.

Advertising with The SL Enquirer and press Pass Media- Double the Exposure!

There is all kinds of News happening in Second Life. The SL Enquirer’s mission is to give exposure to anyone that makes it their mission to provide news to residents about events, exceptional products and services. We offer spotlight features, advertising and news coverage of events, with affordable prices.
Visit us in Second Life and take a tour of our virtual media center.

~Lanai Jarrico

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

*Diamond Avatar* Skin Vanity

Skin, defines who you are in a way that isn't very well known. The skin you choose defines what type of person you are, if your one who doesn't care much about how you look you may choose a lower end skin designer. If you do care though, you will choose a higher end skin designer, with flawless skin. This is one of the higher end skin designers, and I am so honored to get to write about them.
Diamond Avatar has flawless, and gorgeous skin, I have chosen the fair skin for this blog. I really adore this skin tone, it's not to light and not to dark. It's perfect! This skin comes with 6 gorgeous make up options. A great thing if you don't have space for another tattoo layer. I really love these skins, and Diamond Avatar is a love for me when it comes to skin.

Photography by: Graham Collinson
Written & Modeled by: Coco Lierfatte
Outfit Featured: *Diamond Avatar* Skin Vanity Fair

** NOTE ** This skin is 99L for a limited time only! This promo will only be till the 15th of Feb 2012!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

912 Entertainment Models

Photo by Femm Koray for 912 Entertainment. making SL avies look so hot. Thank you Femm.

Zindra Photostream: Photos from the Second Life Adult Mainland by Zada Bury

SL Photographer Zada Bury maintains an impressive body of documenting work at the Zindra Photostream, an archive of images from various large events on Second Life's adult mainland (Zindra). There are galleries for Art Maze, ZEXPO and various related parties, as produced by the Zindra Expo group. Thanks to Zada and all of her hard work to present these galleries! (we saw her flying around ZEXPO nonstop!)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Press release : Press Pass network welcomes its new owner, Lanai Jarrico

Press release today where we with honor welcome the new owner and CEO of the Press Pass media network,Lanai Jarrico.
Lanai Jarrico is known for being the founder and owner as well of Secondlife's longest resident owned newspaper since 2005, The SLENquirer
Former owner of Press Pass,Carmichael Caudron welcomes Lanai with confidence and pleasure as his replacement as he needs to tend to some real life situations relocating and will not return to Press Pass as his time needed to complete his paperwork relocating to another country is indefinite.
Lanai will be handling all the blogs,groups,reporters,employment,recruits and whatever else Press Pass network has offered and definitely will improve it even more and she will merge most of the network with her company The SLENquirer.
All inquiries should be directed to Lanai by email,

Portrait of new owner of Press Pass, Lanai Jarrico

Lanai Jarrico's Address

Hello Press Pass Members,  I wanted to officially introduce myself and accept Press Pass as an extension of The SL Enquirer. Friend and media partner Carmichael Caudron will be handing operations over to SLE active immediately.  It is with great pleasure that together SLE and Press Pass will better serve the Second Life community media networks with SL's  top headlines from across the grid.  If you are interested in having your news published in The SL Enquirer & Press Pass Blog. contact me at
Lanai Jarrico


Hey you..... yes you !!
Afraid of mesh? Not sure what it is? No idea how to wear it?? No idea what viewer you need?
Till last week I didn't like mesh at all !! But now this changed !
Let's find out together with this great new mesh collection of GIZZA, available today at Mimi's. You can find: cardigans, shirts, skirts, trousers, clutches, to mix and match!
Me and my staff will be there to help you out with all your questions !
See you in a couple of hours, let's try it together !
(wearing a dotted mesh shirt and a very hot mesh leather skirt)
skin: Bella, Redgrave
direct TP

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Love Actually

Love Actually is the name of the new group gift at PurpleMoon. This gown comes with matching headpiece and jewelry. Have a wonderful Valentine's day!

Available at PurpleMoon Main Store
PurpleMoon Oficial Blog
PurpleMoon Oficial Facebook Page

Promo for upcoming avatar film/machinima : Lucky Lady

In the Filmmaker's words herself:

Ambrosia Lanley: The Lucky Lady is a story about how people come into your life and you know right away they are meant to be there; they serve some sort of purpose, teach you a lesson or help you figure out who you are or who you will become. Everything happens for a reason. Nothing happens by chance. Life and death will test the limits of the soul. Without challenges, life would be safe and comfortable, also dull, utterly pointless. It is true we do not know what we have until we lose it, but it is also true that we do not know what we have been missing until it arrives.  We chose our sexual orientation at a young age and the choices we make changes who we are. The people we meet and the choices we make affect our everyday lives. Even the bad experiences that are the hardest to overcome can give us strength. These experiences are probably the most important because they are teaching us to open our hearts and eyes to choices we would have never seen or believed without them. Live your dreams because you have only once chance

here is the promo link for the upcoming film,machinima based on a true story:

by Ambrosia Lanley

Enjoy and stay tuned for the release!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

SLNewser reports new article about depression group,SOS Project

sos project group logo

Article by SLNewser about Survivors of Suicide group founded by Krissy Sinclair in 2009
Click here to read
If interested you can join their inworld group by requesting krissy sinclair for an invite

Dazzlers Showcase Machinima Video!

The Dazzlers’ brillant Showcase, ”Ballet to Burlesque” was filmed in part by Chris62 Greybeard!  You have to see these stylings and moves to see the amazing creativity brought to you by the Dazzlers!

For Additional Information Contact Show Coordinators: Pyper Dollinger & Tatiana Kurri

Dazzlers Inc. is a team of dancers, and spokesmodels in the virtual world of Second Life, combined with the beautiful models of SL Illustrated and Timeless Model Agency. They appear and perform at charity events as well as paid performances and appearances, and modeling events throughout SL. Each member of Dazzlers Inc. is carefully chosen not only for their avatar’s appearance, but for the personality behind the avatar. Dazzlers dancers are ladies and gentlemen in every sense of the word, displaying grace and style in everything they do. Their poise and intelligence carry them well beyond being merely performers, making this team the perfect choice for any event where you want the best and classiest professionals to add a touch of exciting glamour and beauty.

"Spirit" by claudia222Jewell in Art Screamer-Official Opening Today

Visit here: or direct link here: SpiritHere.

Official opening of Art Screamer's "Spirit" by claudia222jewell is today 2-11-12 at noon slt. I went in Friday with bloggers and was very impressed. From the lady head moths and slugs to the flying tour fly rider and the free avatars it was all almost overwhelming. I spent hours in and kept finding more cool amazing things to look at. It's mostly mesh. I wont' write a bunch, as seems every blogger was there and I'm already seeing it blogged a lot but the best thing to do is just visit yourself and see.
For more of my pics check here: or direct link to Kara's Korner here: KaraHere. This exhibit is a must see.... don't miss out.

The most beautiful riding boots, for ladies and gentlemen !!

Yes, let's go horse back riding !
Check these fantastic riding boots, unisex of Hoorenbeek.
Available at Mimi's Choice, in different colors !


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