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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Take the PPM/SLE Merger Poll and tell us your thoughts!

As most of you already know, The SL Enquirer is taking over Press Pass Media operations on May 31, 2012. With this merger all press members will be grandfathered into SLE and given the same rights they had within PPM.  This means, all  media sources that except our merger invitation will have publishing rights on PPM until May 31. After that time, all PPM authors will publish their news with links to their own news sources, on the SL Enquirer website.

 All members will also have the ability to send notices through the SL Enquirer Media Group( in-world), social networks and other sources we use to get your news out there.

 The benefits of this merger is the ability to reach out to ALL media sources, fans and followers of both Press Pass and The SL Enquirer. Combined, that is over 17,000 in traffic a month!

 We believe in power by numbers and have seen for ourselves what viral advertising can do!

 The purpose of this poll is to see how many existing members are for the merger and who would like to keep the PPM site as a neutral media source outside of the SL Enquirer brand.

Some may feel it is a great idea with many benefits, others may feel it is conflict of interest to be associated with The SL Enquirer. Whatever your reasons are please voice them. We want to make the best decision that will benefit all.

Your participation is important.

Thank you,

Lanai Jarrico



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