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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Machinima Book Launch Party May 11-12

My friends Sonicity Fitzroy, PhD, writer, and Lowe Runo, Machinimatographer and MAG and ProMag founder,  published their co-authored book, "Machinima The Art and Practice of Virtual Filmmaking", naming many SL residents in their book who provided input.  Everyone is welcome to come join in the fun and party Friday and Saturday to help them celebrate.   SL party and book sale info. listed below in their party invite and press release.
From the press release: "Welcome to the Official Virtual Book Launch of our recently published Machinima:  The Art and Practice of Virtual Filmmaking   (McFarland, 2012)."

                US: Friday May 11, 6PM-9:00 PM SLT (7PM Short Presentation)
                EUR: Sat. May 12, 12PM to 3:30PM SLT (1PM Short Presentation)

                                 Steampunk themed at NeoVictoria Sky Club!
"Adult verification is necessary to enter the estate, which is crafted for mature roleplayers.  Our event is taking place on the skylevel, where there is no roleplay."
                    Launch Party Here:
                                       Hosts:  Sonicity Fitzroy & Lowe Runo
"We appreciate all those involved in this project  and we consider it a collaborative effort among numerous people inside SL as well as those looking in from the outside.   This book is not intended to promote SL, but we seriously view it as a major platform for the creation of innovative machinima.

This is not the definitive voice in machinima, but a collective voice within the virtual filmmaking community that represents many perspectives.   The machinima story will continue to evolve, and we are pleased to document this point in history, as well as to encourage so many to experiment with this medium through this book."
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