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Relay For Life of Second Life 2014

Relay For Life of Second Life (RFL of SL) is an annual activity that takes place in Second Life in July each year. Volunteers form or join teams to have fun while fundraising and raise awareness from mid-March through mid-July. In July teams build campsites and walk a track that spans more than 40 virtual regions.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Press Pass Blog will be back in a week !

Hello members of the press,due to traveling in RL i am going to need a few days off Press Pass blogging.
Our sister blog,Press Pass Articles ( will continue on since our editor-in chief Chalice Piers handles that blog along with the reporters,also check out the twitter for the articles,we post on average 3 stories a month (

Don't forget our twitter of this blog as well (

If you still wish to hear about the notice while i am gone this week,please join our inworld group named Press Pass Media Group by asking Chalice Piers to invite you to it!

See you guys in a few days!

Carmichael Caudron

The Follow - World Tour In A Day Press Release

Group Notice From: Kalli Birman

Attached is the press release for THE FOLLOW - WORLD TOUR IN A DAY 2 powered by LimeCoral.

The Follow will be holding their second World Tour In A Day powered by LimeCoral on September 24, 2010

The Follow in SL is:
Troy Shoreland - Vocals/Guitar
AJ Darkwatch - Bass/Vocals/Samples
Powers Avon - Drums/Samples


The Follow will be holding their second World Tour In A Day powered by LimeCoral on September 24, 2010. Through the virtual world of Second Life this band from Columbia, MO will be able to continue their efforts of having an eco-friendly tour. The Follow's tour, kicking off in Australia at 5am PDT, has them traveling around the world, stopping in five countries and coming back home to the USA for their final show at 9pm PDT. There will also be real life venues across the world that will be hosting the live concert via video.

Influenced by U2, Radiohead, and Pink Floyd, The Follow have enjoyed sharing stages with various artists such as Plain White T’s, Billy Corgan’s Zwan, & Gravity Kills. With six albums, one DVD, and hundreds of live performances, The Follow received airplay on college and commercial radio across North America while supporting the releases by touring in the United States and Europe.

The Follow entered the virtual world of Second Life (SL) in 2009 as way to continue touring in a more globally conscious way. The band members drive a Honda Insight hybrid to the broadcast location, they use energy-efficient LED lights for their show environment, and most distribution to national and international radio & press is accomplished digitally eliminating plastic CDs, paper envelops, and transportation resources.

The Follow have partnered with LimeCoral Apparel Company, a Pura Vida surf wear brand based out of Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. Their commitment to create an environment conscious product has inspired the creativity of the product line while infusing it with their “Powered by Green” philosophies of an eco-aware business.  The "Powered by Green" philosophy relates to awareness of the earth we live in and the opportunity for progressive and positive change in all aspects of life.

The driving force behind the band is their friendship and the spiritual connection that they have with the music. The Follow grabs your heart and your soul. They celebrate with you, they cry with you, they shout with you, they rock with you! With the help of technology, they are bringing their passion to the entire world while also trying to protect it.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Ned's Aussie Pub (5AM PDT) Australia

Eiffel Tower in Paris (1PM PDT) France
Lisbon Events Plaza (3PM PDT) Portugal

Warung Beats (6PM PDT) Brazil

Eccentricity (9PM PDT) United States of America

Second Life PR Contact:
Kalli Birman -

Second Life Booking:
Jenna Dirval -

Artist Management:
Space 380 -

LimeCoral Apparel Company - "Powered by Green"

Monday, September 6, 2010

SFL is looking for Players!

Group Notice From: Nefertiti Kimagawa

Do you love football?
Have you always wanted to play?
Have you always wanted to be on the field with fans chanting your name?
Then the Second Life Football League is the place for you!
If you wish to be apart of an up and coming sport in SL then drop me , Nefertiti Kimagawa, or Frescolita Zenovka an IM and we will get you started!

Press Pass expansion!

Press Pass expansion!

hello members of the press
Wanted to update you how our network is growing and in which areas,so your notices can reach the maximum audience as possible
We now have 2 twitter accounts linked to 2 blogs,one for the notices and one for the articles:
Plus we have another 401 members in our subomatic !
Total audience so far is 896!
Ty for joining this network & contact editor-in-chief Chalice Piers if u want an article written
(you need to join Press Pass to be eligible to have an article written about you or your event,contact Chalice to be invited)

Main shop complete @Simple Designs

Group Notice From: George Mureaux

Hello everyone. I am George Mureaux, owner of Simple Designs
My new main shop is now complete, I hope you will drop by for some simple casual designs in mens and womens clothing


Group Notice From: Jayjay Zifanwe


Nish Mip's powerful and enveloping piece, THE LAST OCEAN takes the top prize (L$5,000) making it an unprecedented 3rd time she has won. In the FLAGSHIP Challenge, Herick Straaf narrowly beat 5 time champion Nyx Breen to take the top prize for a 2nd time.  Jesse Keyes, Alizarin Goldflake, Nyx Breen & soror Nishi picked up L$6,000 each in winning Legacy Awards.



103 entries of the highest quality to the final August round of the UWA 3D Art & Design Challenge, and what happens? Nish Mip's powerful and enveloping piece, THE LAST OCEAN takes the top prize (L$5,000) making it an unprecedented 3rd time she has won First Prize for the IMAGINE Challenge breaking a tie with Bryn Oh & Igor Ballyhoo, both of whom won the Challenge twice. Lee Supermarine and Eliza Wierwight shared honours in taking 2nd Prize. In the FLAGSHIP Challenge, Herick Straaf narrowly beat 5 time champion Nyx Breen to take the top prize for a 2nd time. Jesse Keyes, Alizarin Goldflake & soror Nishi picked up L$6,000 each in winning Legacy Awards for their work across the year for the IMAGINE Challenge, while Nyx Breen took home the Legacy Award for the FLAGSHIP Challenge.

The final month of this year long L$600,000 challenge, August saw a record shattering 103 submissions to the IMAGINE challenge with 6 Flagship Builds pushing the total across the year to 841 entries from more than 300 artists and builders. 6 of the 7 continents of the world are represented as entrants hailed from  Venezuela,  Belgium, Mexico, Wales, Canada, the USA, the UK, Uruguay, Scotland,England, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, France, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Denmark, Holland, Ireland, Portugal, Austria, Cuba, Serbia, Tunisia, Germany, Japan, New Zealand and Australia.

Commenting on the win, Nish said, "My thanks go to  Jayjay and quad for putting so much work in to organising these competitions. They deserve the biggest round of applause for their efforts and to everyone else involved through  support and sponsorship in whatever way and that includes the artists, judges, and the people who come along to look and appreciate this  great boost for second life art.  I really feel proud to have taken part in these competitions. I only  came looking for a sandbox to finish my Butterfly house off, but  I think everyone in whatever life they have wants to feel that they have a purpose and  I’d like to make a special thank you to  JJ for spotting something that I hadn’t realized I had and am still even now finding  hard to believe. I can only put my success down to being a bit of a perfectionist and never being satisfied with what I’ve done. Perhaps that helps, I don’t know, but these competitions have definitely paved a way forward for me that I really appreciate.  Thank you everyone who’s made that possible.  I know with the dedication that the UWA in SL has put in to the virtual  art world they will go from strength to strength and I very much look forward to the coming years and to hopefully participating  with UWA  in making our second lives so much richer.  I love you all. "

In acceptance, Legacy Award winner Jesse Keyes said, "I am honored that i managed to hang on long enough to receive the UWA Legacy prize.
Its been a long year and I look forward to making and entering more contest builds in the up and coming year. I would like to thank all the people that have worked on  setting  up the contest and to Jay Jay Zifanwe for puting bugs in my ears on when the build is due (they were real bugs). Thanks again UWA for hosting such a great event". She emoted, "gets drunk and falls off the podium, waves to every one, uses trophy to crack walnuts."

soror Nishi, fellow Legacy Award winner, and winner of the Honourable Mention Prize for JOY for August, with 'Dotty the Dragon' chimed in, "It's a great thing to feel that what you try to do as an artist, that what you try to 'say' has been understood. An award is like someone saying 'yes, soror, I agree'..and it makes it possible to go on creating, trying to express difficult 'stuff'."

The biggest winner on the night in terms of the number of awards won was Eliza Wierwight, whose cleverly named entry, THE SATIRICAL POLEMICIST won the 2nd overall IMAGINE prize (L$3,000), 2nd Prize in the People's Choice Award (L$500) as well as the Rain Prize (L$1,000). "What an interesting journey from working in isolation for such a long time, then the genuine  feeling  that I am a part of the Arts Community  family in Second Life as I do now. I'm smitten. While I'll know I will always seek time to get delightfully lost in the process of creation in seclusion,  it's a  reaffirming  joy when I head back to shore to find such warm welcome as has been expressed in these awards I've been honored with today. If I was to  say that  a position in the People's Choice is like an embrace, then the Imagine Challenge Prize and the Rain Prize on top of that had me  floored with delight. My huge and genuine thanks to the SL  Community , the University of Western Australia, my precious friends,  my muse , the delightful Miss Q (quadrapop Lane) and the genuine and astounding Jayjay Zifanwe whom I am still honing an ever  developing artistic temperament on just for the sheer amusement of it. Again, for everything , my sincere thanks."

The Non-Scripted IMAGINE prize was won back to back for the first time every, by prim wizard nessuno Myoo with THE UNICORN  WOOD EDITION. "I'm really happy and I want thank all for the great opportunity to show my works alongside all this masterpieces. For me it is a great honor." Only he and soror Nishi have more than one piece in the reckoning for the Non-Scripted Grand Prize.

Corcosman Voom, who wan an Honourable Mention for the Legacy Award (L$4,500), also took the  Bohemian Ghost Prize (L$1,000 + 600 prims on the Summerland SIM). "I was very pleased to have been awarded an Honourable Mention UWA Legacy prize and The Bohemina Ghost prize in this, the final round, of the UWA 3D Art & Design Challenge. It has been my pleasure to be able to exhibit my art this past year in the company of work by so many talented artists. I am very grateful to UWA and everyone associated with the Challenge for the opportunity it has given to so many people. Most of all, I appreciate the dedication and hard work  Jayjay and quadrapop have put into making this project a success. Thank you both for making this a great year."

A paradigm breaking piece called 'ANTARCTICA - AN INDIVIDUAL EXISTENCE' by Glyph Graves won the Honourable Mention Prize for Second Life Wizardry. This must see work, uses real time data from weather stations in Antarctica to create an enchanting symphony of sound and light. The technical expertise required to create such a work is mind-boggling.

Gleman Jun was also a multiple award winner as his 'STOP FEAR' won the People's Choice Award as well as the Honourable Mention (HM) Prize for Emotion. Other award winners included Oberon Onmura (Legacy Award HM),  Oldoak Merlin (Casey Prize & FLAGSHIP HM), Blue Tsuki (HM Prize for Immersion), Gingered Alsop (HM Prize for Scripting Magic), Pinkpink Sorbet (Anton Mesmer HM Prize).

Joining the extended judging panel for the Grand Prize are art philanthropist & founding patron of UWA-BOSL Amphitheatre, Phillip Vought, Paisley Beebe,  CEO of Perfect World Productions TV and Jopsy Pendragon, creator of  the Particle Laboratory Learning Centerhave who have all stepped in to take the place vacated by M Linden. They will have the entire month of September to make their decisions.

UWA is grateful to Bohemian Ghost and the Summerland Estate for raising L$33,000 which was put toward the Legacy Awards. Bohemian Ghost will also be part sponsoring the People's Choice Award for the Grand Finale, along with the Residents of Artemesia who have been sponsoring the monthly People's Choice Awards.

The Grand Prize Round is now open, and there is a People's Choice Vote for this. There has been a beed over the past few weeks to rezz all the past winning flagships across the grid. We would like to acknowledge all those who have given up valuable prims and space to allow UWA to put up these flagships till the end of the voting period which is the 30th of September. They include Caren McCaw & Nyx Breen (of the Annapurna SIM), Dijodi Dubratt (Toor), quadrapop Lane (Poorlatrice), Kip Yellowjacket (Virtlantis), Lilli Field (Mysten), Phillip Vought (Acquitaine), Cuwynne Deerhunter & Eliza Wierwight (Patron) and the Linden Endowment for Arts (LEA).

This is the first time LEA land is being used and opened up to the public. One SIM of the LEA cluster has been opened up for this purpose.

The machinima challenge, MachinimUWA II: Art of the Artists, is ongoing, and closes on the 20th of September. & works have come in thus far from Tutsy Navarathna,spyvspy Aeon, Bryn Oh, Megan Merlin, Missy Restless and Yesikita Coppola. These Machinima feature the works that have been entered across the year to the UWA 3D Art & Design Challenge. They are all linked on the blog



Alizarin Goldflake
soror Nishi
Jesse Keyes

Nyx Breen

LEGACY PRIZE (Hon Mention): L$4,500
Oberon Onmura
Corcosman Voom

Imagine Challenge 1st Prize: ($L5,000 + Custom T-Shirt)

Imagine Challenge 2nd Prize: ($L3,000)  JOINT

Best Non-Scripted Entry: ($L3,000 + Custom T-Shirt)

Flagship Challenge 1st Prize :  ($L5,000)

Flagship Challenge  2nd Prize: ($L3,000)
UWA AXS LAB by Nyx Breen

Flagship Honourable Mention Prize: (L$1,000)
Oldoak Merlin

Honourable Mention Prize for EMOTION (L$1,000)
STOP FEAR by Gleman Jun

Honourable Mention Prize for SECOND LIFE WIZARDRY (L$1,000)

Honourable Mention Prize for JOY (L$1,000)

Honourable Mention Prize for IMMERSION (L$1,000)
THE DEEP by  Blue Tsuki

Honourable Mention Prize for SCRIPTING MAGIC (L$1,000)
QUANTUM MATRIX by Gingered Alsop

THE ANTON MESMER Honourable Mention Prize (L$1,000)

The RAIN PRIZE (L$1,000) - Established for one of the Founding Patron of the UWA 3D Art & Design Challenge

BLACK SWAN by Oldoak Merlin

THE BOHEMIAN GHOST PRIZE (L$1,000 + 600 Prims on the Summerland SIMM for at least 3 months)
THE AERIALIST by Corcosman Voom

PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD - 1st prize (L$1,000):
STOP FEAR by Gleman Jun

PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD - 2nd prize (L$500):

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Introducing Make Him Over Magazine

Group Notice From: Jayme Carolina

LM to the kiosk

Hot of the presses, the inaugural issue of Make Him Over Magazine  MHO Magazine will focus on the latest and greatest men’s fashions, news and gadgets. It also will feature “How To” and “Where To” advice, styling tips and engaging editorials. Drawing from an esteemed staff of talent, each monthly issue will deliver informative and intriguing articles paired with dynamic visuals. MHO Magazine promises not only to keep guys in the know and up to date, but to stimulate and tantalize all their senses


Group Notice From: Nani Xue

Potnia Theas (The owner and creator of Ora Trei Designs) and Lil Tank Thibedeau( Owner/DJ of WTNK Radio) are hosts of SL's newest show on fashion, The Fashion Fix. For those that can't get enough of what's hot and whose hot in fashion, this will be their weekly fix. For those in need of fashion first aid or just a tweak here and there, Potnia and LilTank have just the fix. Please stay tuned for taping and broadcast times to be announced on SL's newest Television Network Oct. 2010

AVENUE Magazine Turns Two Years Old with You

Group Notice From: Rusch Raymaker

We celebrate our 2nd Anniversary next month and you're invited to be a part of this special issue by having your voice and say.

Below is information to show you how.  We really hope to hear from you :)

AVENUE is here because of you...


★ AVENUE Magazine ★

2nd Anniversary

Dear designers, readers, models and supporters,

Next month, it will be our 2nd Anniversary for AVENUE Magazine.  You have been our inspiration, support and the reason why we created this magazine. 

To that end, we hope that you have enjoyed every issue as much as we have in putting it together for you.

I would like to invite you to have your say and give us any words of well wishes for our 2nd Anniversary on what you think and feel about AVENUE Magazine.  All you have to do is fill out a notecard (plz im Rusch Raymaker for details what to write on notecard) and we will publish it in our October 2010 issue.

We will do our best to include everyone's well wishes in case it supersedes our expectations of your love for us hehe :P

We look forward to having your voice and presence with us in this special issue.  And oh, of course we will have a grand celebration and party with you.  Stay tuned!

Thanking you in advance on behalf of the AVENUE Magazine Team :)

Best regards,

Rusch Raymaker

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Announcing Pre-Opening Grand Opening of Charltina's

Group Notice From: Charltina Christensen

May I first take the time to Mr Carmichael Caudron for inviting Me to this lovely group. I am so honored. Then I secondly want to thank Vanity for becoming A sponsor and showing us the beauty of hearts of teams. I hope you will read inside the notecard enclosed. Special Thanks always to Mr Aedan Easterwood and Mr Carter Giacobini for all their support. Thank You Mr Linkin Slate for your donations and to My Aunt Nonna Hedges every gown You are MY Muse. Thank You Uncle Piedras Chama the wind beneath My wing


Charltina's Couture & Culture Center cordially invites each of you to our Grand Opening Thursday September 17th- 20th 2010.
We are greatly anticipating a blessed time of festivities and rejoicing. We will also have our 1st Graduating Class of Charltina's Modeling Academy on Monday September 20th 2010.


Please take a moment and add us to your calendar of events.
We will be delighted to see each of you.

A detailed package will soon follow of the upcoming activities.

Both Icon Magazine and Metaverse Television have recently covered my story. SL Lindens have this year at SL real life conference shared my story and named me one of the most inspirational people in SL History.

I am just a Lady trying to make a difference one person at a time one heart act of kindness at a time.

Charltina's Preopening will be held  10-13th. There will be fun activities and tours.

Thank you for pausing in your busy schedule to read this.

Half of all the proceeds I have made over the years have gone towards real life to help the disabled and seniors in real life. I am a Leader in Disability Policy in real life and testify at the Senate on behalf of many Disability acts; including autism, fairness to those with challenges, wheelchair accessibilty etc.

We have helped with many many endeavors. SL Lindens named me at this years SL Conference one of the most inspirational people in SL.

I hope you will consider being part of the vision.

  I design though I am 53 percent blind. I design sims and I now am blessed so many of you have embraced me in the fashion industry.

Many of those here at Charltina's even though they in real life like myself are in wheelchairs they grace your runways with joy and heart.

  We mentor people to a place  where their inner beauty shines outwardly. 
We have been blessing people since my 1st day in SL. You see I used to be paralyzed down my entire left side and no one thought I would live. I was a real life fashion model and worked in television. I also am a Ordained Pastor in real life and have services in SL as well.

I would like to ask anyone that would like to be a sponsor for Charltina's Couture and Culture Center to please IM Me.

Lifetime Sponsorship is 20000L
Gold Sponsorship is       10000L
Silver Sponsorship is        5000L
Bronze Sponsorship is      3000L
Heart Sponsorship is        1000L

Your ad will be placed in our Charltina's lands and advertisements.

contributing writer, BOSL
on facebook
Simply Blessed
Sim Designer, Fashion Designer, Visionary
Charltina's, CEO

Team edo: Narkissos Fashion Show 2pm SLT Today

Group Notice From: Kay Fairey

Today we will be featuring the following fantastic brands.
A la Folie by pixivor Allen
Angel Dessous by Nando Korobase & Gina Beaumont
Azul  by Mami Jewell
B! Fashion by Barbarella Cioc
Bliss Couture  by Amutey DeCuir
Grasp by Asalt Eames
Kunglers by AvaGardner Kungler & Barbra Kungler
MOREA STYLE DESIGN  by morea Decosta
Prism by Journey McLaglen
Shiki by Shinichi Mathy
Sonatta Morales by Sonatta Morales
and VoguE by Zalyn Bailey!


UWA 3DA&D Under 24 Hours to VOTE, Winners 5pmSLT 5th SEPT

Group Notice From: Jayjay Zifanwe

UWA 3DA&D Under 24 Hours to VOTE, Winners 5pmSLT 5th SEPT

Less then 24 hours to vote for the final round of the UWA 3D Art & Design Challenge.

Winners announcement 5PM SLT SUNDAY 5th SEPT.

LM to vote

TODAY starting @Noon - Art Breaker Mixed Reality Event !

Group Notice From: Persia Bravin

Saturday 4th September 12pm-12am

Brought to you in partnership by Pop Art Lab, Nordic Virtual Worlds Network and Treet.TV

Art Breaker is a revolutionary art and music event brought to you by real life music/media company POP ART LAB.

A mix of immersive art installations, live music from a host of Second Life performers plus a range of guest speakers will help to celebrate Pop Art Lab's official 2nd birthday within Second Life.


Additional Details:

Art Breaker is a revolutionary art and music event brought to you by real life music/media company POP ART LAB.

A mix of immersive art installations, live music from a host of Second Life performers plus a range of guest speakers will help to celebrate Pop Art Labs official 2nd birthday within Second Life. The world’s finest virtual artists will be unveiling previously unseen work based on their interpretation of musical scales and participating artists include:

Bryn Oh, Abstract Baroque, Sunn Thunders, Miso Susanowa, Misprint Thursday, Sabrinaa Nightfire, Binary Quandry, and Sledge Roffo.

With part of the event to be streamed live on Treet.TV and guest speakers from real life virtual media companies in attendance; this will be the party of the year!

Schedule of Events

Hosts: Persia Bravin and Claus Uriza (Pop Art Lab)

12:00 Meet & Greet

12:15 Artists presents installations

01:00 Speakers: Binary Quandry (Art Breaker), Claus Uriza (PAL)

01:30 Guest speaker-Pathfinder Lester

02:00 MommaLuv Skytower (US) -Live music

03:00 CraigLyons Writer (US)-Live music

04:00 DJ TBA

04:30 Engrama (Arg/Esp)-Live music

06:00 The Dead Heathers (UK/Aus/US)-Live music

07:00 ART BREAK! – Tours at Installations

08:00 Meet & greet

08:15 Artists presents installations

09:00 Speakers: Dusan Writer (Remedy), Austin Ellison (Zucalo Group/PAL), Robin Teigland (NVWN)

10:00 Live music: Tasuku Ghost (Jap)

11:30 Live music: Skye Galaxy (US)

12:30 DJ and end party!

Press Information

Art Breaker: Two month exhibition of interactive digital art - An established music venue in Second Life, Pop Art Lab will host a major event starting on the 4th of September, 2010. This event, titled "Art Breaker", is a collaboration of eight major Second Life artists. They have been challenged to set up an exhibition made of visual and sound art, aimed at being interactive and reactive to the visitor. The artists are (Second Life names): Bryn Oh, Abstract Baroque, Sunn Thunders, Miso Susanowa, Misprint Thursday, Sabrinaa Nightfire, Binary Quandry, Sledge Roffo. This collaboration will take place over a full sim (virtual piece of land of 65000 sqm). The artists have been allotted a parcel each and been given free hands to their creativity. The result is a wide variety of ideas, atmospheres, and interactions.

Art Breaker: A celebration - To celebrate the beginning of this major exhibition and also remembering that this date is the anniversary of its creation, Pop Art Lab will organize on the 4th of September, 2010 a worldwide event. Along with famous speakers, the artists will have the opportunity to speak of their creations and to interact with the audience. And not to forget music, a selection of the finest Second Life musicians - some of whom having a successful real life career as well - will play music live. As Second life is a worldwide environment, the event will span a 12 hour period to allow people in Europe, the Americas, and Asia to participate in their respective timezones. The event will also be partly recorded and broadcasted by Treet TV, a Second Life specific television network.



Pop Art Lab introduction - Present in Second Life since Sept. 2008,  Pop Art Lab is a virtual music venue, aiming at bringing real life music industry into Second Life thanks to three major actions:

1.            Promoting music by broadcasting brand new music in-world. Four full CDs are constantly played inside the venue and are changed on a bi weekly basis. This allows visitors to listen to the latest releases, sometimes even before they are actually available in their countries and stay tuned to music industry news.

2.            Supporting singers and musicians who want to break into Second Life by organizing concerts and TV shows. Pop Art Lab regularly hosts in-world concerts, inviting performers to play in front of a virtual audience. Pop Art Lab also hosts TV shows, where musicians are interviewed before playing their songs. This show is made in partnership with Treet TV and has included artists like Greg Hawkes (The Cars) and Max Morgan

3.            Pioneering the collaboration between real world major music companies and Second Life activities.

 Pop Art Lab also sets standards in virtual venues design, giving its visitors a unique experience. Taking advantage of Second Life technical abilities, the place has nothing in common with real life - being there is being in your fantasy land!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Hot Off the Press! VR Style Magazine September Issue

Group Notice From: ioleJanana Chajit

VR Style presents you their September 2010 Issue.
Welcome to the World of Diesel Punk.
Hot Articles, Hot Fashion!
A must Read!

URL to read the magazine

David Rumsey - Second Life Press Release

Group Notice From: Neo7899 Collins


The World Renowned David Rumsey has entered the virtual world of Second Life, Here is your chance to be part of something new.

Best Regards,

Neo7899 Collins
AboveBusinessSolutions.Group® I CEO



Friday, September, 3, 2010

David Rumsey, known in SL as Map Darwin, is a revolutionary and world renowned cartographer, and he is looking to share his 21st Century approach to history with the Residents of Second Life.  To enlarge his presence in Second Life and attract more visitors to the Rumsey Island, Mr. Rumsey has now partnered with the top business solutions provider in Second Life, AboveBusinessSolutions.Group®.

The Rumsey island, which is a completely non-profit sim, consists of massive interactive maps, and 40 wall maps and objects, including globes. These are on display and free to visitors to place in their homes, sims, etc.

After sharing his map collection with the over 250 million users of Google Earth, Google Sky, and his website, David, Rumsey's expansion into SL is completely motivated by his desire to "give his maps away again and again."

Part of our project is to offer David Rumsey Maps kiosks, at no charge, to Second Life Residents.  The eye-catching kiosks contain information about and a landmark to the Rumsey Island.  We encourage you to become part of this movement today by placing a free David Rumsey Maps kiosk on your land.

To receive both kiosks so that you may choose the one which best fits your location, simply IM Katharini McBride or Diceyy Arabello.  If neither of them is online, simply send a notecard which includes your name and your request.

Warmest Regards,
Neo7899 Collins
CEO, AboveBusinessSolutions.Group® 

The 1st Question talk show returns on September 7th!

Group Notice From: Pooky Amsterdam

*********The 1st Question*********  7PM PDT
Sept 7th new season guests include :
 Director of Life 2.0 Jay Spire
 +@Phaylen Fairchild
 +Oz Linden
 +Qarl Fizz (formerly Linden)
 Same time and your favorite channel!


Exclusive gift from Baiastice @Couture Avenue party!

Group Notice From: Aaliyah Munro

We're going back to school with DJane Summer Deadlight- join us at Couture AVENUE from 1pm-3pm in your favorite school uniforms, and we'll reward the best with a 1500L gift card from Baiastice!

For those who party with us this afternoon, we also have an EXCLUSIVE gift from  Baiastice, available only at Couture AVENUE. What are you waiting for? Come and party with the hottest DJ on the grid!



Group Notice From: Carmichael Caudron

Saw this notice in the national league of football in SL,figured the members of the press in this group would like to be informed as well,here goes:

Cinna Button From the Hurricane Raiders:

We're kicking off the season with bang.  Meet the players and cheerleaders at Hurricane Choppers Stadium.  This Saturday, September 4 starting at 4 PM. 

Oh, we'll also be throwing a little concert with NICKELBACK & AC/DC!

Everyone is invited!


NESTO SILVERFALL guest Tonight @9:30pm on Fri Night show

Group Notice From: Wurlitzer Seisenbacher

[Tonight @9:30PM SLT/PDT] A special concert/interview with singer:
NESTO SILVERFALL discussing his involvement with music performance & his debut album. LIVE/VOICE


cYo shop presents 2 new releases!

Group Notice From: Jason74 Destiny

We just released two new products.
In our bar & club collection you can find a bottle of vodka now and in our book & paper corner is a diary available

CYO store location SLURL

cYo is a sculpty shop with an unique collection of products that meets the needs of SL builders and creators.  Our products consist of a sculpty and a Photoshop file that is made for this specific sculpt.


Group Notice From: Aaliyah Munro

Couture AVENUE is looking for fashionista extraordinaires that are able to embody the spirit of our couture brands and combine top-notch looks and styling to be the face for Couture AVENUE in 2011. The first deadline for the contest is September 5, 2010

Offering one top male and female winner an invitation to AVENUE MODELS, an exclusive AVENUE MAGAZINE cover and to be the face of Couture AVENUE ads and promotions.

Do you have what it takes?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Peaches Latrell featured on Press Pass!

Stop by the Press Pass blog to read reporter Satori Marat's fascinating interview with Peaches Latrell , the owner and creator for her Tiny store, Lilliput.

Click here to read :

Hair Fair 4 starts this Saturday!

Group Notice From: Krissy Sinclair

Hair Fair time is here!!!!

Hair Fair will open it's doors on Sept. 4th.

The LM wont work till Saturday.


New dresses & new shoes @Graffitiwear

Group Notice From: Chalice Piers

Graffitiwear is on a roll this week with a brand new gift for September plus 2 exciting new releases. The DELICIOUS dress comes in 5 yummy colors, and the Lace Stilettos are a must-have for every girl's wardrobe. See below how to visit Graffittiwear! Hugz!

Chalice Piers
Designer/Owner @Graffitiwear
Xstreet Merchant ID

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Designers United 4 Info

Group Notice From: Krissy Sinclair

Designers United 4

Designers United is a 12 day long fashion event featuring exclusively created products from a group of talented designers, based on a theme.  Each designer has created items specifically for this project, and they will only be available for sale for a limited period of time.

The theme chosen is "Narcissus", and the designers have interpreted this theme to make items based on the colors, textures or feelings evoked by this flower or myth.
This bi-monthly event is being hosted by the Floyd sim, and will be held from September 4th to September 15th.

The designers participating are:


Alternative similar option of Emerald viewer

Group Notice From: Diva Lilliehook

**For Emerald lovers (like myself) I have just downloaded the Emergence viewer and I love it. All of the features I loved on Emerald are here and so far quite easy to use. So for those interested and with the ok of Mr. Carmichael Caudron I am posting the link.

**plz be aware that viewers may have viruses so plz check it like you would all files

The End of Emerald viewer

Group Notice From: Carmichael Caudron

On our Press Pass twitter  ( i saw one of our members,the well known Daniel Voyager announce this sad news for many of you regarding the Emerald viewer,like to share it with you as well

Copy and Paste this url:

SOS Project : NEW ARTIST EXHIBIT feat Susy Wilder !

Group Notice From: Krissy Sinclair

The SOS Project & Gallery is proud to present the new art works of Susy Wilder.  Please stop by and enjoy.


 SOS is a suicide prevention project in SL.  We offer support and information to prevent suicide.  If you are willing to host a 1 prim LM giving kiosk to help people find us in SL, please contact Krissy Sinclair

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