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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

UWA People's Choice, Winners Party 5 AM on July 4th

Group Notice From: Jayjay Zifanwe

UWA 3DA&D People's Choice Vote, Winners Party 5am slt 4th July

67 Imagine artworks for June submitted and 7 Flagships. People's Choice Voting is open till midnight slt 3rd July.
3 votes each person. See NC for LM to the vote board and to party location. Party at 5am slt, Sunday 4th July

slurls are also provided for each of the Flagship builds :

67 Imagine artworks for June submitted and 7 Flagships. The People's Choice Voting is open till midnight slt 3rd July. Everyone can vote for their favourite Imagine pieces. 3 votes each person. LM to the vote board is below. For the Flagship builds, there is an LM to the main teleport board for them, as well as slurls to each individual build. Please do make note of the date & time of the winners announcements. All the artworks can be seen anytime at the same location as the announcement:

June Round Winner's Announcement
5am SLT Sunday 4th July 2010 @ UWA Art & Design Platform

Nicci Lane:
Nina75 Shan:
Nyx Breen:
Grey Kurka:
Silene Christen:
Herick Straaf:
Owl Braveheart:

List is (mostly) in alphabetical order by artist first name.
01 Abstract Baroque Imagine
02 Alizarin Goldflake Pink Plink
03 Aloisio Congrejo & Tani Thor - Raggi cosmici (Cosmic Rays)
04 Asmita Duranjaya - Something_has_Happened.
05 Asmita Duranjaya - Still_Life between 2D and 3D
06 Betty Tureand - BP
07 Daco Monday - concetto astratto 2010
08 Daco Monday - Even the Eyes of God
09 Eliza Wierwight - Angel in Edit Mode
10 Eliza Wierwight - The Elephants Child
11 Flora Nordenskiold - Away from Home
12 Flora Nordenskiold - Climax
13 FreeWee Ling - Vertical spiral kaleidoscope
14 Fuschia Nightfire - fire breathing dragon in cave
15 Giovanna Cerise - STARS'EVOLUTION
16 Giovanna Cerise - VARIAZIONE SFERICA
17 Glamorama Flux - Small Wonderland
18 Gleman Jun - Einsteins Unfinished Symphony
19 Gumby Roffo - Forest of Misplaced Dreams
20 Gwen Difference - Penny Porch
21 Ichiko Miles - Obscure Beliefs
22 Igor Ballyhoo - Ballyhoo's pendulum
23 jeri Rahja - A beautiful Soul Passes
24 Jess Oranos - Electric
25 Jesse Keyes - Fire Opel set
26 Jondolarr Larson - Mother Earth Coming Unravled
27 kyra Roxan - Emotions
28 kyra Roxan - Rosetta
29 Lea Supermarine & Jarapanda Snook - Music of the Spheres
30 luciella lutrova - pecera animad
31 Madcow Cosmos - The Forge of Dreams
32 Magggnnus Woodget - Galaxy Shrine
33 MenuBar Memorial - An Event Horizon
34 MenuBar Memorial - Thou Art Forsaken
35 Molina Rhode - Sunset on the Beach
36 Nicci Lane - iN THE MOMENT
37 Nish Mip - Bloom
38 Noke Yuitza (Horus Dover) - Blood On The Dance Floor
39 Oldoak Merlin - GoldeneGerste, GoldenerHafer, GoldenerWeizen
40 Oriscus "Oz" Zauberflote - Woodworking Bench
41 pravda Core - Medusa's Gaze
42 pravda Core - The Zombie Risen Statue
43 Rag Randt - Big Bang
44 Sabine Stonebender - Solar Flares
45 Sabrinaa Nightfire - Pine Tree
46 SaveMe Oh - Lil Sucker
47 Sharni Azalee - Fae Sanctuary
48 Shellina Winkler - FREEDOM BOUND
49 Silene Christen - the land of forgotten things
50 Sledge Roffo - Cloud 99
51 soror Nishi - The Midnight Maple Bonsai
52 sovereign mynx - DNA String Sculpture
53 Sundog Branner - Kaleidoscopia
54 Tani Thor - Haven Lake
55 Teal Freenote - Rekindling
56 Theoretical Afterthought - TA PANOPTICON
57 Trill Zapatero - Persephone
58 Ub Yifu - Chinese Dragon
59 Corcosman Voom - The Flautist
60 Miso - Susanowa - Nise ichiyou na Soror
61 nessuno Myoo - The Great Ancient
62 Kicca Igaly - A BEATING OF WINGS
63 PinkPink Sorbet - One Second Love
64 Velcon Ethaniel - Flamez
65 Velcon Ethaniel - Majestica
66 Takni Miklos - sierpinsky sieve
67 Takni MIklos - broken heart

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The 1st Question @ 7 pm!

Group Notice From: Pooky Amsterdam

Tonights show is the last of the season!
Coming back in September but motor on over for The 1st Question tonight!
Pooky Amsterdam & Hydra Shaftoe bring you fast facts and fun filled Information.
Tonights panel:
Bixyl Shuftan/ White LeBed / Matt Fiertze / Fire Centaur


RFL Fashion Fest Schedule of Events

Group Notice From: Pixie Tungl

Hi all, I'm just passing this info on to you all :)

Pixie Tungl


I am handling the PR for the 2010 RFL Fashion fest and I went through the press group and got some names and am trying to get the word out there - if you could, could you please spread the word?

Thanks so much!!
ShamelessTrouble Bing

Schedule of Events
This Schedule of Events is still being Updated.. but WOW! .. check out all the exciting HAPPENINGS at Fashion Fest 2010!

Fri, July 2

1-4pm: Press/Media/Blogger Sneak Peek

4-5pm: The Follow Opens the Fashion Fest – Main Street

5-6pm: Damian Carbenell Opens The LE Fashion Show – Main Street
6-7pm: Limited Edition Fashion Show pt 1 – Opium Fashion Agency – Main Street
7-8pm: Skye Galaxy Performs on Main Street
8- ? : Max Kleene and the Great SL Musician Jam – Main Street

7-9pm – DJ Nightly Wrap-Up with Katelynn Dastardly – Rome

Sat, July 3

9-10am: Rise-n-Shine with KONA Radio – Rome

10-11am: Erin68 Frog – Main Street
11-Noon: One-of-a-Kind Fashion Show – Main Street

12-1pm: Shasta Soulstar – Main Street
3-4pm: Limited Edition part 2 Fashion Show – Main Street

3-6pm: Designer’s (Fashion Fest Exhibitor’s) Only Ball – Venice
3-4pm: CraigLyons Writer
4-5pm: Damian Carbenell
5-6pm: Keeba Tammas

8-10pm: DJ Nightly Wrap-Up with Spook Maroon – Prehistoria

Sunday, July 4
8-10am: Rise-n-Shine with DJ RayJay Baxton – Paris

4-5pm: Live Music – Main St
5-6pm: Live Music – Main St
6-7pm: Live Music – Main St

8-9pm: DJ Shayla Juran – Main St
9-10pm: 4th of July Special Show DJ Shayla Juran. Fireworks & Nightly Wrap-Up – Main Street

Monday, July 5
8-10am: Rise-n-Shine with ___ Radio – Egypt

1-2pm: Frogg Marlowe – Egypt
2-3pm: Showcase Fashion Show by Timeless Modeling Agency – Egypt

5-7pm: DJ Felena Avro in Egypt
7-9pm: Nightly Wrap-UP DJ Enigma Bombay – Egypt

Tuesday, July 6
8-10am: Rise-n-Shine with DJ Shayla Juran – CA

1-2pm: Live Music – CA
2-3pm: Showcase Fashion Show – CA

5-7pm: DJ bball Braveheart in CA
7-9pm: Nightly Wrap-UP DJ Brock Molko – CA

Wednesday, July 7
8-10am: Rise-n-Shine with Radio __ – Rome

1-2pm: Harper Messmer Performs – Space Station
2-3pm: Showcase Fashion Show by Opium Fashion Agency – Space Station

5-7pm: DJ Jaguare Braveheart in the Space Station
7-9pm: Nightly Wrap-UP DJ David Marquis – Space Station

Thursday, July 8
8-10am: Rise-n-Shine with DJ Isobela Capalini – Prehistoria

1-2pm: Strum Diesel Performs – Prehistoria
2-3pm: Showcase Fashion Show – Prehistoria

5-6pm: DJ Corbin Kenyon- Prehistoria
6-7pm: DJ Cellandra Zon- Prehistoria
Shinohara *Special Show
7-9pm: Nightly Wrap-UP DJ Kateri Runningbear – Prehistoria

Friday, July 9
8-10am: Rise-n-Shine with KONA Radio – Rome

1-2pm: Gabryel Nyoki – Rome
2-3pm: Timeless Showcase Fashion Show – Rome

5-6pm: Greg Colburn Performs on Main Street
6-7pm: Live Music – Main Street

7-9pm: Nightly Wrap-UP DJ SkyRider Sicling – Rome

Saturday, July 10
8-10am: Rise-n-Shine with DJ RayJay Baxton – Paris

10-11am: ScarlettLa Roux Performs in Paris
11-12pm: Opium Designer’s Showcase Fashion Show – Paris

1-2pm: Eliz Watanabe Performs on Main Street
2-3pm: Live Music – Main Street

5-6pm: Phemie Alcott at Venice
6-7pm: Timeless Model Agency Designer’s Showcase Fashion Show – Venice

7-9pm: Nightly Wrap-UP with DJ ChrissyJune Juliesse in Venice

Sunday, July 11
8-10am: Rise-n-Shine with KONA Radio – Rome
10-11am: Live Music
11am: Valentino Lagerfeld Tribute Fashion Show

1-2pm: Damian Carbenell performs at Philadelphia
2-3pm: MODA Spotlight Designer’s Showcase Fashion Show – Philadelphia

3-5pm: Sock Hop DeeJayed by Shayla Juran – Philadelphia

5-6pm: Ghost – Main Street
6-7pm: Sojurn performs on Main Street
7-8pm: Kellee Blaylock Performs on Main Street
8-10pm: Fashion Fest Wrap-Up DJ jinxlady Python with Fireworks – MainStreet

Monday, June 28, 2010

GraffitiWear, new clothing shop! Check it out

Check out GraffitiWear, a new nice clothing store by new designer Chalice Piers,also a press member!
Edgy urban style for everyday casual wear.
Hand drawn clothing, unique outfits at modest prices.
And plenty of dollarbies too! Please come visit and get a free gift!!


Today's News- June 28th-The SL Enquirer

Group Notice From: Lanai Jarrico

* Insight SL7B - Lacy Muircastle
* Fashion With Compassion- The Black and Blue Fair runs until July 4th- Persia Bravin
* Spotlight on 3 Years of Shiraz- Janette Michalak
*Star Journey gets featured- Zyphera kimono
*Meet Miss Tropic Hawaiian Aubrey Maskelyne
*Quinton's journey through Music- Sandy Demina
and More!

RIPPLE....Opens Today

Group Notice From: Persia Bravin

This is-without doubt-the greatest art installation you will see in 2010.

From the creators of the showcase topping ‘DYNAFLUER’ comes ‘RIPPLE’ a brand new video/art/sound installation held in a completely immersive environment.

Using fresh scripting technology and with a specially composed soundtrack, RIPPLE takes the art of SL to a whole new level.

Prepare to be stunned....


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Glory's Sensual Designs on new sim location!

Visit the brand new location of Glory's Sensual clothing designs!


Contact Glory Gausman for further info

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tukinowaguma 3rd Anniversary Show!

Group Notice From: Kay Fairey

From 6am SLT and 6pm SLT.
The 1st show has already started!

A new collection with 42 completely new hair designs will be disclosed today for the first time!
The most fabulous hair show shown with the most elegant black and white dresses in SL!
A must see show!


Friday, June 25, 2010


Group Notice From: Wurlitzer Seisenbacher

The ZOMBIEPOPCORNSL event offers all a chance to explore the amusements & curiousities featuring a select few
of some of the most acclaimed designers/builders/creators in all of SL in a dark carnival atmosphere.


D'ior Super Modelling Agency Presents...**DIRAM**

Group Notice From: Donnatella Couturier

::D'ior Super Modelling Agency::. Presents...**DIRAM**
When? TODAY! (The 25th Of June, 2010)
Time? 3:00PM SLT!
--------------------> Showcasing the new release's of **DIRAM**.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Come see the first graduating class of Defiant Fantasy academy as they present the fashions of House of Beningborough. This cutting edge designer will wow you with her latest creations , while the students strutt their stuff and show off all the skills they have learned. This is one show not to be missed. Come and bring a friend to the Patch Thibauld Auditorium, home of the Miss/Mr Virtual World Pageant . This is one event you won't want to miss !


TODAY 2pm Thurs PHILIP's BACK: Discussion Panel

REZZED,TV Panel Discussion Show TODAY @ 2PM:
PHILIP is BACK as CEO**If U R commitmented & involved with the future of our Second Life grid** JOIN US** Philip Rosedale - Philip Linden - the founder of Linden Lab is back as temporary CEO since Mark Kingdon (M Linden) stepped down today. Linden Exchange - in fluctuation since the recent layoffs of 1/3rd of LL staff - seems to have stabilised since announcement.

News send by press member,Gwenette Writer

Wakey Wakey SL!!

Group Notice From: Persia Bravin

Good Morning SL!!!!!

Having trouble waking up? Then tune in to the brand new show on BOSL Radio ‘BOSL BREAKFAST’ from 9am-12pm SLT today.

Brought to you by Editorial Clarity and labella Farella, expect to hear music, news and LOTS of gossip from across the metaverse. Got a special request? Send it in and we will dedicate it just for you.

Either listen in from home or join the team from the BOSL tower at SLB7!


Monday, June 21, 2010

LaurenLive 6pm SLT at SL7B

Group Notice From: Lauren Weyland

LaurenLive SL7B & Treet.TV. 6pm SLT. My last show until late August.
So if you need a laugh to hold you till then come on over

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Perfect World Productions: Tonight Live Anniversary Party

Group Notice From: Krissy Sinclair

Perfect World Productions CEO Paisley Beebe is celebrating the 3 year anniversary of her hit show ‘Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe’ to be held on 25th June 2010 at Club Treet in Second Life.

Tonight Live June 25th 2007 at Northpoint Studio:

Creater Producer: Host Paisley Beebe
Filmed by: or SLCN as it was then. Wiz Nordberg, Texas Timtam and Starr Sonic
Directed by: Yxes Delacroix

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Euphoria Spa Presents- Ask Nani

Group Notice From: Nani Xue

I'm sure you have learned how to teleport and change your clothing.
But what someone has not told you yet is how your inventory can get messy and disorganized if you dont learn some tips right away. Before you pick up that next free item, come learn how to keep your inventory organized and healthy the Euphoria Wellness way.
Given by featured Advice Columnist/Creative Director of NuVibez magazine.
Come "Ask Nani" at the Wellness Center.

Friday, June 18, 2010

VR Style/Silverstar June fashion show tonight

Silverstar Modeling Agency and VR Style Magazine proudly presents "The Biker Bar" showing the hot hot fashions of
V-Twins tonight 6/18 @ 6pmslt. Get your bad boy/girl biker wear on, grab a beer, sit back and enjoy the riveting models
of Siverstar as they show off the baddest biker wear in all of SL


UWA 3d art & design entry now open

Call For Artists & Builders : June Round of UWA 3D Art & Design

35 3D artworks submitted, 2 Flagship builds submitted thus far... 12 days to go to submit a piece for the June round
of the $L500,000 UWA 3D Art & Design Challenge.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Get a press pass to SL7B and view the sims early

Get a press pass to SL7B and view the sims early

If you would like prepress admission to SL7B on June 20 from 2-10 PM slt, please send a notecard titled "Press pass - " with your name and url to your blog, publication, flickr or other in the notecard. Send to HARPER BERESFORD. (Please do not IM :))

We will invite members of the press to the Second Life Birthday Exhibitors group on June 20 earlier that day and invite you to join us on the sims for a preview of what the rest of the public will be seeing starting June 21. You will also receive a press packet with information.

At that time you will be welcome to tour all the sims and take photographs and machinima and will have an opportunity to receive information about the exhibitors for your own interviews.

Read more at or

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Group Notice From: Press Pass Media Group

Join our stellar host Scorpinosis as he invites a double shot of musical talent to step into the Spotlight.
SL music performer & songwriter since 2008 playing pop hits from yesterday to today FrankLee Anatra who is followed by New to SL but long time RL musician Harrison Digfoot.
Find out for yourself why Spotlight TV is the place to be!

Studio Seating begins at 5:30PM SLT.
Taping Starts Live at 6PM SLT.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

B@R 5yr Anniversary

Group Notice From: Pixie Tungl

Can you belive B@R has beeing open 5 years?!

Bare@Rose Tokyo will be celebrating its 5 year anniversary in August so look out for some amazing events taking place. A weekend of parties, special offers and contests.

We have finally set up the official B@R Flickr page also. Look out for a big competition starting in 2 weeks time that will be kick starting the 5yr celebrations.

Join now and news and details fill follow :)

Keep smiling

Pixie Tungl <3
B@R Store Manager
B@R Book Store Manager

Monday, June 14, 2010

Today's News-June 14-The SL Enquirer

Group Notice From: Lanai Jarrico

· Astrology News- Lanai Jarrico meets one of the real 13 Ancient Crystal Skulls “Max” at Linda Lauren’s Metaphysical Center in New Jersey.
· Spotlight TV Live Thursdays @ 6PM SLT
· MUSICIAN SPOTLIGHT- Seba 's Sax from Argentina _Sandy demina Reporting...
· Caithlin Carter Designs launches revolutionary eye makeup - Lacy Muircastle reporting ... and More

TiCkLeD PiNk StUdIo & MaGaZiNe

Group Notice From: Sigourney Farman

Tickled Pink have their June issue out available on X Street ..
You can find a Kiosk on Moolto Sim and at our studio front door. June issue is Fantasy Theme, we have an interesting interveiw with an amazing creator of anthropomorphic avatars, we take a look at role playing in SL, Belli has her monthly ..Point of veiw.. We have a gorgeous pict of Alesandra Joubert's Fashion park.
So please feel free to pop in for an issue.

Thank you Sigourney Farman (editor)

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Group Notice From: Wurlitzer Seisenbacher

Featuring: Nefertiti Kimagawa, RBZ Design and G. Sloane Couture Fashion show. Taped Live by Rezzed TV.
1:00 PM SLT

send an im to wurlitzer about the location please


Group Notice From: Wurlitzer Seisenbacher

You are invited to the Grand Opening of:
music provided by: DJ DOG.
JUNE 12TH at 4PM SLT. Come and Celebrate!

send wurlitzer an im about the slurl please

Friday, June 11, 2010

PRESS RELEASE: Purple Label for Men

Group Notice From: Terrell Merryman

Purple Label for Men has officially opened its doors. Through the collaboration with several of SL's top designers, Purple Label offers the very best in men's apparel and accessories.

Its 1st location at D.C. District, PLM will be opening 2 additional stores with locations to be announced soon.

If you want to get the story behind the creation of the Purple Label concept, contact Terrell Merryman

Purple Label for Men is a Mogul Holdings Group (MGH) company.

Linden Lab Laying Off Staff

Group Notice From: Wurlitzer Seisenbacher


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Azul starts the first contest ever

Group Notice From: Kay Fairey

Azul will be holding it's first ever contest in search of a fabulous lady who will be crowned Miss Azul 2010.
The selected Miss Azul will also be automatically qualified as one of the Miss Virtual World finalist.

Contact Kay if u are interested

Machinima Expo 2010

Group Notice From: Pooky Amsterdam

Machinima Expo Film Festival – November 2010

“This year we’re bigger than ever” …Ricky Grove..

“Our goals are quality, variety and easier access” …Phil Rice

“The Expo is about fun, friendship and inspiration” …Kate Fosk

The expo is a well respected online event run by a dedicated team of volunteers.

It is FREE to enter, and FREE to attend.

Visit the website for more details and breaking news.

Are you a machinima director?


Group Notice From: Sigourney Farman

Tickled Pink is having another Beauty contest 12th June 5pmsl. This is the 3rd and will be bigger than ever!!!
We have 13 Gorgeous ladies showing us their styles in NEKO/ Sexy in Pink and Old Hollywoos Style.
This is not a fashion contest but all about the avis and their talent of showcasing themselves in interesting and sexy looks.
1st prize 10000L 2nd 5000L 3rd 2000L Great music!!! come dance everyone welcome!! 4 judges!! wow what a contest!!!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

TODAY'S NEWS- June 7th- The SL Enquirer

Group Notice From: Lanai Jarrico

* News In a Nutshell- Lanai Jarrico
*Spotlight- Rockcliffe University / Phelan Corrimal-Ramon Federal
*Spotlight TV Featuring top SL DJ's This Thursday!
*Spotlight on Glory Gausman, Wedding Gown Designer - Lanai Jarrico
*In Sports- Stacey Cardalines Talks Soccar
*Musician Spotlight on Noma Falta- Sandy Demina
Subscribe to our website today and get your news hot off the press l every Monday!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mr. Virtual World results are out!!!

Group Notice From: Kay Fairey

4th Runner up - Apollo Call
3rd runner up - Romeo Torvlavar
2nd - Rico Racer
1st runner up Trouble Inglewood

and Mr. Virtual World 2010 is .......
Mikey Batriani


Catalyst of Fantasy closes

HI Everyone! I just wanted inform all the press , magazines, agencies and all of the great people who are involved Today is the closing of a long time agency. We will be closing the doors at the Academy and Agency. There is a lack of interest of the trainers, the models and those that are involved with the Agency. Our attentions will be focussed on the marketing of our mall area and the events to focus on the traffic of the sim . The sim is a great venture it will become its own and I wish all of the models and all of the dreamers great walks , great laughs , always, I do hope all remember it is to be fun and once the plate is full , focus on what you have , I have found with my time short lived yes, but this is not a business that is clear precise and financially sound I enjoy all that I have learned I thank you for all your knowledge and talents that I have seen, but there are much too many hidden ideas, and too many alts that work too many agencies at once always trying to decieve. I wish the industry well and abundance Thank you for your moment of time.........

Contact Lorac Cleanslate for more info

Friday, June 4, 2010


Group Notice From: Wurlitzer Seisenbacher

Tonights Topic: Should Models in Second Life Receive Payment in Lindens or Clothing? Special Guests: Ciera Emor; Kay Fairey (Director:
Boulevard Modeling Agency) ; Honeybear Lilliehook (COO: GLANCE Modeling Agency); Frolic Mills (CEO: BOSL Mag/Radio)


InSL, Media and the Other Society Party

Group Notice From: Persia Bravin

You are invited to the SL launch of a RL book authored by BOSL Writer and DJ Sonicity Fitzroy on:

Sunday June 6, 2010 from 11 AM - 6PM SLT

The party will feature over seven hours of SL media and music, with many of SL’s top media makers all in attendance.


Beauty Contest June 12th @5pm slt

Group Notice From: Sigourney Farman

Tickled Pink Studio are holding a fun and exciting night for 12 lovley Ladies.
Each lady will walk the runway showing 3 catogories/ Neko, Sexy in Pink, and Old Hollywood Style Great music,
dancing and 4 judges with the difficult job of finding 3 winners!!! 1st Prize 10,000L 2nd 5,000L 3rd 2000L .
The winner also to be Tickle Pinks Magazine cover for July issue. Everyone is welcome!!! Casual attire


C.Smit Swimwear Now Open!!

Group Notice From: Annette Wilder

Hurry down NOW!


Thursday, June 3, 2010


Group Notice From: Nani Xue

This week join our host Scorpinosis as he welcomes Maverick designs CEO Ivy Maverick to make an
exclusive announcement that will have a huge impact on SL Fashion and Retail. Along with exciting
"Dark rock with Attitude" from darkwave musician Adrienne Deezul.
Find out for yourself why Spotlight TV is the place to be Thursday Nights at 6PM SLT.

Studio Seating Begins at 5:30


CEO of fashion shows wanted for live talkshow

Group Notice From: Wurlitzer Seisenbacher

We are looking for a CEO of a FASHION SHOW, who would be interested in being a GUEST for FRI NIGHT TALKSHOW on
JUNE 4th, 9:30PM SLT/PDT. It will be broadcasted in USA radio, SL, Internet Radio & Sirius Radio using SKYPE,
discussing the issue of models getting paid lindens, versus free clothing for being involved in a modeling fashion shows.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The 1st Question @7Pm tonight!

Group Notice From: Pooky Amsterdam

Pooky Amsterdam & Hydra Shaftoe

bring you questions, quotes, secret words, prizes and much much more in this audience empowered factacular hour of power.
At 7PM PAC Tonight!

This weeks panel:
Selkit Diller / Josephine Junot / Metro Troglodite / Aeonix Aeon


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