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Relay For Life of Second Life 2014

Relay For Life of Second Life (RFL of SL) is an annual activity that takes place in Second Life in July each year. Volunteers form or join teams to have fun while fundraising and raise awareness from mid-March through mid-July. In July teams build campsites and walk a track that spans more than 40 virtual regions.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

The McQueen Tribute Fashion Show By Avenue article by Oi Magazine blog

Journalist Liza Veliz brings us her blog about the McQueen tribute earlier today by Avenue Models at the GOL sim for the Oi Magazine blog!

Read all about it here:

Pictures for the blog will be of courtesy from the event photographer hired by Avenue Inc as they are developed

For more info contact Liza Veliz

Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe

Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe for Sunday 28th February 2010.
Films at 6pm slt/doors open at 5:30pm slt. This Week on Tonight Livee
Guests are Max Burns/Gatsby Crumb, on virtual goods; musician Kyle Beltran; and Juanita Deharo, on the Treeline Project


For more info contact SuperDave Spearmann

Saturday, February 27, 2010

" A Hunt for the Disturbed and Twisted" - please read :)

...:::Rasetsukoku::... Presents: +The Macabre Hunt+

Theme: "The Literary Work of Edgar Allen Poe"

Start: May 13th
End: June 3rd

Applications end: March 30th

"Macabre is a quality of certain artistic or literary works, characterized by a grim or ghastly atmosphere. In these works, there is an emphasis on the details and symbols of death."
- Wikipedia

+The Macabre Hunt+ is a hunt for those of the disturbed, dark and twisted view on things. So much of the hunts cater to the children, the light and fluffy and the valley girls and boys of Second Life. Here is a hunt that delves into the dark and the twisted. A Hunt for those whom society fears and in all means, creeped the hell out of.

I, Liliane Despres, for this lovely hunt is your adoring Queen of the Macabre.

This hunt will only have the best. This will NOT be a "junk hunt" as so many seem to lead to. This hunt is also limited to only 100 stores. No more. No Less. Come, join us for tea.


Hunt Requirements for Vendors:
* You MUST have an item for men AND Women. Many hunts cater to just one or the other. This hunt is equal. You must have something for the men as well as women or Unisexed (and not that silly excuse of feminine male unisex). Reason for this, many men are on these hunts and most have to rid themselves of 80% of the hunt items because it is for females.

*Must stay within the Theme that is presented. Meaning, you can't just make any old silly dark thing last minute and call it good. How silly and boring. This Year's Hunt theme is: The Literary Work of Edgar Allen Poe
The Theme in detail: Choose from any of Edgar Allen Poe's works to make a morbid item from. Please make it dark, bloody, creepy... Macabre!

*Willingness to put effort into your hunt item. Anyone can slap something together. Put some love and care into your items.

*Keep it exclusive during the hunt. Keep your product exclusive and only available for the hunters during the length of the hunt. Afterwards, feel free to sell it, if you wish.

*Hide it.. It is a "Hunt" afterall. Many vendors in several hunts just toss the item out in the open for hunters to tp in and leave. No fun! Actually hide the item! Perferably keep it within 30 meters of your hunt sign.

*MUST have your Hunt sign up. No hunt sign, You are booted from the Hunt.

*NO MALL SPOTS!!! Absolutely not! If your store is a tiny hole in the wall, then no. If you want to do it in a CLUB. NO. NO NO NO. MAINSTORES only. Thank you.
Any Questions? Feel Free to ask me, Liliane Despres or Contact Ryoko Darrow. We are going to be so happy to hear and see from you.


Special thanks to Ryoko Darrow ( ::Gehenna:: ) For doing everything to help me with the hunt!! <3

For more info,please contact Sabine Blackburn

The New Faces of Japan Show starting now!!

Have you always wanted to know where the Japanese designers are?
Boulevard Agency is starting a series of shows called "The New Faces of Japan Show" and today is our very first show!!

LM attached!
Starting from 5pm SLT!...thats right now !! :)

Location SLURL

For more info,contact Kay Fairey

8 stunning brands showcased at Narkissos Fashion Village !

The show crashed the sim >.<

But its back up and we restarted!
Come watch the hot show of the Narkissos Fashion Village!!

Presented by Styles of edo and Team edo!
8 Stunning brands on the Narkissos sim on a showcase!

For more info,contact Kay Fairey

Congratulations Miss & Mr Moolto! come to the after party!!

Congratulations to the new Mr. & Miss Moolto 2010

RicoRacer Flux and Mina Pelazzi!!!!

Come partyeeeeeee!!

Location SLURL

For more info,contact Persia Bravin

Felini Couture Show @ 3 pm SLT !

Who better than a merchant of dreams could inspire the dream?

Felini Couture and D'ior Agency invite you to share this dream tomorrow 27 th at 3PM SLT.

For all Dreamers ....

When 3 PM SLT

Location SLURL

For more info ,contact Sabine Blackburn

Miss & Mr Final - Sat February 27th @ 12 PM SLT (today !)


Come and support the finalists of the Miss & Mister contest. They have all worked so very hard and have made a supreme effort to reach this point.

It will be fun!! See you there.

Time : 12 pm SLT


For more info ,contact Lacy Muircastle

Friday, February 26, 2010

The Redpeppa is hosting a formal event tonight !

Formal well dressed event.
Catch this limo for a ride to heaven @ The Redpeppa.


For more info ,contact chief Inglewood



TONIGHT: EMERALD HOUSE MACHINIMA PRODUCTIONS....Find out what this company can provide and be the next virtual SL star!

When : tonight at 9:30 pm slt

Where : SLURL

For more info,contact Wurlitzer Seisenbacher

The SOS Project : Lost Another One To Suicide ; Learn Talk Fight Stigma


Several weeks ago the world lost the talent of Alexander McQueen and today I found out about the death of Andrew Koenig (actor). These are just the public faces of suicide and depression. Every day the world loses the talent of thousands who take their lives silently to end the pain they feel, thinking they are all alone.

Depression is treatable, suicide doesn’t have to happen. Help stop the killing now, stand against it by talking about it.

Many fear getting treatment due to stigma. We can break the stigma by simply offering support.

Learn more by stopping at the Survivors of Suicide project in Second Life

For more info, contact Krissy Sinclair

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oi Magazine blogs about winter business sim,Alpine Executive Center


press blogger,Nathalie Ember just blogged a story a few minutes ago for Oi Magazine about a winter business sim named Alpine Executive Center

Read about her journey at


CisumWebzine New Reviews


CisumWebzine has published three new reviews .
Interview of Saintess Larnia, review on the guthries and an event covered @ Celestial
Come to check the website for fresh news

For more info,contact Jay Hurikan

Swirl Photos & Reviews


Fantasy Fashion photos are up now on Swirl's flickr here:

and Oi Magazine did a really nice review of the show here:

For more info,contact Filipa Thespian

Charity Fashion Show This Saturday !


On this Saturday, the Red Door is having a Charity Fashion Show on our BRAND NEW FAB-U-LOUS Runway! Purplemoon, Samahi Couture, Dare2Bite & Benjaminz Clothing will be showing their newest fashion as well as auctioning off a ONE-OF-AKIND to the highest bidder. DJ CertaPHIaBlue will be the DJ for this event & Proceeds will benefit the Families of Haiti!

SLURL (location)

Time : at 11 AM SLT

More info ,contact Cleopatra Kellman

Press Pass Media Blog Is Born

Welcome everyone to Press Pass Media blog
Inworld this is a successful free neutral press group with members of the press posting their events and news around the clock, virtually bringing you the best events and news to your doorstep every day
As its founder ,I decided creating a blog would be another step up and posting every notice the inworld group members send right here for blog followers to read

Tell your colleagues, friends and business partners to follow Press Pass Media and stay informed on the hottest press events and news as we keep growing by recruiting new press members
If you like your press news to be posted here and have the ability to post it through the group which so far has 70 of the best press members,let me know for an invite

Thank You

Carmichael Caudron

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